Introducing Bryce Dalziel, V.P. of Sales and Business Development for Final Mile Logistics

Introducing Bryce Dalziel, V.P. of Sales and Business Development for Final Mile Logistics

Final Mile Logistics is pleased to welcome Bryce Dalziel to the fold as its new Vice President of Sales and Business Development as of September 7th.

Final Mile Logistics is undergoing reorganization to enable future growth within the company, and that’s where Bryce comes in: he brings with him a successful track record with startup operations. While Final Mile is not a startup, “it is in a growth phase and expansion phase which is what attracted me - the opportunity to contribute to new opportunities and success,” he said.

Bryce’s focus will be to identify opportunities for Final Mile to expand and grow within its core competency – exigency logistics and government-related logistics – as well as into other areas, such as energy, mining, and non-government organizations, including the Red Cross or the U.N.

Prior to his career in logistics, Bryce served on active duty as a commissioned officer with the U.S. Marine Corps, where his service in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm earned him the Navy Commendation Medal.

He began his logistics career in 1993, where he spent several years in management positions for Qantas Airways Freight Business Unit, eventually directing the company’s expansion of ground logistics services to include owned and operated cargo terminals as the Qantas Airways National Freight Operations Manager, Americas Region.

He moved on to become the Director of Sales and Services for Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprises in 2000, where his achievements there, two years later, led to his being recruited away to a senior logistics management position with Air Cargo, Inc. He later accepted a position as the General Manager with Hanjin Transportation Co., Ltd. (Hanjin) for their newly established full service North American logistics venture.

While with Hanjin, he helped grow the business to where it peaked in 2014 at approximately $62 million annual revenue, with the bulk of revenue coming from contracts in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Resolute Support in Afghanistan. Bryce resided in Afghanistan from 2009-2014, and he is proud to note that the company was able to secure USA Visas for almost all of their local Afghan management employees enabling them to immigrate with their families to the U.S.

In 2009, he was part of the team that opened the Northern Distribution Network (NDN) supply line into Afghanistan for the U.S. government. Hanjin moved the first multi-modal cargo through the former Soviet Union into Afghanistan from the north.  Prior to the establishment of the NDN, there was only one land supply route into Afghanistan, from the south through Pakistan, which the Pakistani government shut down in 2012. “If [the military] didn’t have the NDN, there would have been no efficient way (without spending billions of dollars on air freight) to supply Operation Enduring Freedom,” he said.  

“It was a crucial alternate supply route facilitating the success of the mission,” Bryce said.

It was this experience in exigency, that is, in expeditionary environments, that led Mercury leadership to approach Bryce for the position with Final Mile.  Bryce said the timing seemed right with Hanjin still struggling after its affiliated container liner company, Hanjin Shipping, filed bankruptcy in 2016.

Bryce said new opportunities for Final Mile to expand would be in the oil, gas and mining, aid and relief specialized markets in regions which lack highly developed logistics infrastructure.

“I think that’s Final Mile’s sweet spot: the areas where the transportation or logistics infrastructure is not refined and developed, where it is expeditionary in nature,” Bryce said.  

The goal is to expand the core business competency beyond government related markets and into other niches.

Bryce Dalziel is based out of Henderson, Nevada. He is married with one son. 

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