Mercury Fuels Launches New Credit Card & Discount Program

Mercury Fuels Launches New Credit Card & Discount Program

Mercury FuelsMercury Corporate Fuels is expanding the reach of their U.S. business, thanks to a new credit card program it’s rolling out.

Beginning in June 2016, Mercury Fuels began piloting a point-of-sales credit card program with some of its best customers. The MasterCard operates as both a plastic and a virtual card, to do one-time encrypted transactions for both fuel and non-fuel purchases.

In conjunction with the new card, Mercury Fuels developed a discount program aimed at smaller airports across the U.S.  As of November, there are 1,100 new locations offering up to 300 new discounts.

“We have a credit card that provides contract fuel at many different underserved airports in the U.S.,” said Homan Asiri, the Executive Vice President of MercFuel, Inc.

“We are trying to provide discounts for our customers, “Asiri said.  “More importantly, we want to bring customers to these underserved airports, and get some of our customers to look outside the box for locations and FBOs,” he said.

Mercury Fuel hired new employees to help with the rollout of the discount program and the new credit card. Joe Martinesk has been brought on to manage the process of adding locations. Shane Ellis, David Czyzyk, and Justin Appleman are on board to help promote the card and the other fuel services Mercury Fuel offers.

“We look forward to expanding this program with more customers through 2016 and 2017, and expect it to be fully launched out by 2017,” Asiri said.

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