New Contracts for TAC Group LTD

New Contracts for TAC Group LTD

TAC GroupTAC Group LTD and its new subsidiary, Aerospace Technology Transfer, are pleased to announce new contracts and appointments.  

The Pakistan Army Welfare Trust, owners of the Askari Group of Companies, has appointed TAC Group as the consultants for their acquisition program of a 320/321 passenger aircraft for delivery in 2018.

The initial piece of the acquisition program is to lease five aircraft to be used for UN and civilian flights. As part of the program, TAC will also be working with lessors in arranging the inspection of the selected aircraft, engines and records.

TAC has also been granted the exclusive mandate by newly formed NEO SIAM Airways to lease two ATR72-500 cargo aircraft for delivery in 2018. The aircraft will be used for the E-Commerce deliveries of Express Mail Service, or EMS, Thailand's first private postal service.

Additionally, in Thailand, TAC is preparing for the demonstration and sale of the latest production model RV-12 aircraft, an aircraft designed and manufactured by Van's Aircraft in Aurora, Oregon. Powered by the new Rotax iS engine and fitted with the Dynon HDX dual screen (an Electronic Flight Instrument System, or EFIS), the RV-12 is considered to be one of the best performing initial trainers in the world. TAC will demonstrate the two-seater aircraft to both the Thai military and civilian air training academies.

Aerospace Technology Transfer, TAC’s Ireland-based subsidiary, has been appointed as exclusive representatives in the European Union, Turkey and Pakistan for the range of equipment produced in Korea by the Integrated Research for Defense (IRD) Group. Established in 1974, IRD is a leading manufacturer of turbo chargers and has developed a unique range of Gas Turbine Ground Power Units (GPU) for use by both military and civilian aircraft. The IRD range of GPU includes a mobile "tri use" model with the capability to supply 3 different power sources from a single unit - electric power, air conditioning and compressed air for jet engines start-up.

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