Payroll Manager Sharon Westcott Gets the Job Done

Payroll Manager Sharon Westcott Gets the Job Done

sharonWhether you’re working to live, or living to work, Payroll Manager Sharon Westcott understands the importance of getting Mercury employees compensated correctly.

“Getting paid is the reason people work hard - everybody wants to be compensated, so it’s my responsibility to see that that employee is paid on time and accurately, and I take that very seriously,” she said.

 Sharon has been with Mercury Air Group since 2010, when she started out in Accounts Payable (paying the bills for the company) before moving to Payroll in October 2011.

She brings 18 years of experience within payroll and payroll taxes to the job, and Sharon has ample opportunity to put that experience to good use: she is responsible for more than 900 employees at seven of Mercury’s companies. She handles their requests for vacation, time off and ensures that employee timecards are accurate.

“If I have to stay late, I stay late,” Sharon said. “You have to do what you’ve got to do to get the job done.”

In order to perform her job well, Sharon makes it her mission to stay up-to-date on all federal and state tax laws, as well as prioritizing the safety and security of employee personal information.

“It’s extremely challenging,” she said, admitting that payroll can sometimes be overwhelming or demanding.  However, she said, “I love that each day is different, and it presents a different set of challenges every day, and that’s exciting - you don’t get bored.”

She enjoys that her work allows her the opportunity to meet and chat with people all across Mercury’s companies. “I’m a people person,” she said. “I get people that call me on a daily basis, needing information, or who have questions about vacation. And each day, it gives me satisfaction that I’m helping them, because they’re helping us,” she said.

Prior to coming to Mercury, Sharon worked as a Payroll Tax Manager for Northrop Grumman, a global security company, for ten years. When she was laid off in August 2009, she took her time finding work, hoping for a good fit.

“When I interviewed with Mercury, I felt very comfortable and thought this was like a family,” she said. She appreciated that CEO Joe Czyzyk treated his employees with class and respect, and she was quickly able to establish a good relationship with Carolina Gutierrez (Vice President of Administration) and the Human Resources department.  

“I work with those groups every day, and it’s important to be a team player,” she said. “I work really well with them, and it’s something I really appreciate.”

Sharon said that she’s known some of her coworkers since she began at Mercury, and she appreciates that there’s a mutual sense of respect among them, regardless of their pay grade.

“That’s important to me - where you feel like you’re treated well and respected,” she said.

A native Californian, Sharon lives in Manhattan Beach with her husband of 13 years. She enjoys spending time with her son, 27, and his girlfriend, and her friends. She also enjoys traveling with her husband – they’re planning a trip to Ireland this fall.

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