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Mercury Aviation Services partners with the airline industry and the U.S. Government Security Agencies in meeting today's regulatory and operational security challenges. It researches, trains, and tests Mercury employees, as well as airline and freight forwarding staff, with the ability to provide:

  • Cargo screening
  • Classroom training for various aviation security programs
  • Dangerous Goods Acceptance/Recognition Training
  • Ground Security Coordinator Services (GSC) and GSC Training
  • Aviation consulting.
  • Plane Side Security 

Our Expertise

Our expertise is cutting edge. We know compliance, training and operations:

  • Safety Act logoMercury Aviation Services DBA Independent Cargo Security Screening (ICSS) is the nation’s first Independent Cargo Screening Facility (ICSF) under the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) air cargo screening program. ICSS not only provides outstanding cargo screening, but also provides trained personnel meeting all requirements for Ground Security Coordinators, and Aircraft Security
  • Mercury Aviation Services has partnered with IAC Training, Inc. IAC Training is the first company of its kind to be approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and today is the recognized leader in providing security training for the aviation industry.

Our partnership provides result oriented training under the following TSA programs:

  • Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP)
  • Foreign Air Carrier Model Security Program (MSP)
  • Full All Cargo Air Operator Standard Security Program
  • Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program
  • All-Cargo International Security Program

IAC Training’s proven training meets all government compliance requirements and in addition, ensures all students have the “Demonstrative Knowledge” the TSA looks for and requires.

Together, we provide our clients with superior results through training, consulting, operational expertise, and efficiency mechanisms which help to quickly adapt your organization to the ever changing and continually challenging aviation regulatory environment.

Leadership for Mercury Air Cargo

Rula FakhouriRula Fakhouri, Manager

Ms. Fakhouri has over 26 years of airline experiences with domestic and international carriers as both a City and Station Manager. She has extensive hands on expertise in passenger services, terminal and ramp operations. Ms. Fakhouri has developed a nationally recognized expertise in the AOSSP, MSP, IACSSP, TSA style audits, and TSA compliance. She has successfully put together action plans for those entities not in compliance and helped them reach their full potential.

She has created nationally recognized training programs that have assisted many clients with navigating the myriad of aviation security regulations. Ms. Fakhouri is also an expert in communicating compliance issues, she has personally handled numerous official responses to the TSA and DHS on behalf of regulated entities, with a proven track record of mitigating fines 95% or eliminating them. Ms. Fakhouri is also multi-lingual and fluent in Arabic.


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