Carole Runne’s Successful Career at Mercury

Carole Runne’s Successful Career at Mercury

Carole RunneCarole Runne has worked for Mercury for over 33 years at several locations in California. She is currently the Manager of Sales, Supply, and Distribution for MercFuel. In 1981, she began her career with Mercury by helping to coordinate fuel truck deliveries. That soon lead into obtaining and reselling aviation fuel. In fact, with her initiative, Mercury became the first reseller that ARCO sold aviation fuel to.

Over the years, she helped to build strong industry supply relationships, which also led to valued and trusted friendships, playing an important role in Mercury’s successes. During her tenure, she bid and managed a number of important projects, including a noise level test project for John Wayne Airport in Orange County for $1.3 million and a Boeing test flight project in Palmdale, Ca. for $5 million. Carole was also an active participant in Desk & Derrick (women in the petroleum industry organization) and was the first member ever asked to do a presentation on her job role and the challenges at that time in a male-dominated industry. She also served, for a number of years, in the Petroleum Supply Conference Committee.

We are grateful that Carole joined our team so many years ago. It has been such a successful relationship, and we value her over 40 years of industry experience. “The trust that Mercury has always given me to take initiative and make decisions, and the support that they have provided through thick and thin, not just as an employee, but like a family member, is invaluable,” said Carole.

“Carole is an inspiration to all of us at Mercury with her dedication to supply, delivery and sales at all hours days or night, during her over 33 years in our family. She’s been here longer than me, so she’s the one I look up to.. She has and continues to be recognized not only at Mercury, but by all her colleagues,” said Joe Czyzyk, Chairman & CEO of Mercury Air Group.

Carole currently lives in Victorville, CA with her husband of over 9 years, cat, and dog. Her hobbies include golf, cooking, gardening, bocce ball, and watching her beloved New York Yankees.

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