Don Maas Goes Above and Beyond

Don Maas Goes Above and Beyond

Dear Team Mercury,

We know that the Mercury team performs outstanding work for its customers but only occasionally is recognized in writing.  Well here’s that "occasional letter of appreciation" for our Don Maas. It makes me proud of Don and our team.  

Joe Czyzyk
Chairman & CEO, Mercury Air Group

Don MaasHello and Good day,

May I start this out properly with an introduction?  I am Ken Byro, Loadmaster, National Airlines.  Many mark the years working aircraft.  Few is the times I have been impressed as I am now.  Don Maas is extraordinary with his understanding, help, and support.  Even though he was not required to assist, he helped with coordinating the cargo, transportation to and from, but he also was on top of getting support to the aircraft when the other means left some desire.  What impresses me the most?  How hard Don works to help others.  What a quality.  It has to be a quality within him that success is not measured at the level of “how does this effect me.”

There are no words to express the kindness shown by Don, this time and the many other times I have been through LAX.  How it would show a gratitude in kind if you were to share kind words and some consideration for his integrity.  His hard work and devotion to others, even those who can do nothing in return bring great credit upon himself, your company, and the industry.  Impressive!

It is said, there is no higher honor than to do something for someone who can do noting in return for you.  Don sets the benchmark.  Thank you.

With a Sincere heart,

Ken Byro
National Airline Loadmaster


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