Maytag Celebrates 30 Years with Corporate Secretary and Controller Kathy Pleshek

Maytag Celebrates 30 Years with Corporate Secretary and Controller Kathy Pleshek

Kathy PleshekKathy Pleshek first started at Maytag Aircraft Corporation more than 30 years ago, and her dedication to ethical, high quality service has been an essential asset to the organization ever since.

Kathy grew up in Nebraska and says she will always be a Husker at heart, but she found a new home in Colorado more than 30 years ago. That’s when she started working at Maytag in the accounts payable department, quickly moving through the ranks to become Corporate Secretary in the early 1990s. She says that “When you work for Maytag you can play as big of a role as you want in the company, which is a great opportunity to grow and find new ways to contribute.”

Kathy describes her current responsibilities as Corporate Secretary and Controller this way: “If it has a number in it, I have something to do with it.” She works with financials and the accounting department, but also contributes to the company’s proposals, ensuring that its pricing makes sense. She also works with the team to look at new business opportunities. Kathy plays many different roles in the company, and her collaborative approach fits in well with the cooperative atmosphere at Maytag. She says that in this collaborative environment, everyone works together to play a part in the growth of Maytag.

Kathy believes that her responsibility is to help ensure that Maytag continues to be an excellent provider of services, particularly for the United States Government. The company is committed to being an ethical and competitive contractor, and it’s important to everyone in the organization that Maytag is looked at as an honest provider and leader in the industry. “We’re always looking to do the right thing,” Kathy says, “which may not always be the most profitable thing but will always be the way to better the Company as a whole.” While Kathy plays an instrumental role in supporting Maytag’s sterling reputation, she believes that all the personalities that make up the company are the key to Maytag’s success.

Because Maytag employees work together so closely, Kathy says Maytag really feels like a family. Mercury, our parent company, is part of the family as well; even though they’re farther away, the care and concern that Mercury shows for its employees and the support it shows for local issues (such as wildfires in Colorado) always comes through.

Kathy lives with her husband, Barry, on their property in the mountains in the Divide, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has two sons, Nicholas and Nathan, and two dogs, Lexi and Max. Lexi comes to work with her almost every day; Kathy says that employees bringing their dogs to work really contributes to that general feeling of well-­being in the office. During her free time, she spends time with her family.

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