Mercury Lead Cargo Screener Donates Bone Marrow

Mercury Lead Cargo Screener Donates Bone Marrow

Danny CastilloMercury Air Group sincerely appreciates Daniel Castillo, Lead Cargo Screener for Mercury’s “Independent Cargo Screening Services”, for his selflessness and kindness in donating bone marrow to a child in need.

In addition to donating blood, Daniel had also put himself on a registry to donate his bone marrow to anyone in need, through the organization When the organization reached out to him, informing him that an anonymous child with cancer could use his bone marrow, he didn’t hesitate to donate. Although it would take several weeks to rebuild his own blood count, he felt humbled to save the life of someone else. When asked what motivated him to volunteer, he said, “My parents always taught me to help people in need. It's the right thing to do especially knowing I would fully recover after donating. For me, the choice was obvious”.

Daniel was also inspired by the work of Jeanie Schreider, a long-time and dedicated Mercury employee, who lost her battle to cancer in 2012. Jeanie’s last assignment was to oversee all of cargo’s legal contracting and TSA compliance efforts (the same department that Daniel works in). In 2012, Mercury established a scholarship in her honor, to be awarded annually to one or more employees who have been with Mercury for three or more years and are taking college level classes to attain an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Daniel applied and received a scholarship to support his continued education.

Daniel is grateful to Mercury for employing him. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Chico State University, he explained that it was difficult to find a job, especially with no experience. Mercury hired him in 2011, and he quickly advanced from Basic to Lead Cargo Screener. Mercury thanks Daniel for his great service to humanity, our company and to the community!

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