Robert Lovejoy Promoted to Chief Information Officer for Mercury Air Group and Subsidiaries

Robert Lovejoy Promoted to Chief Information Officer for Mercury Air Group and Subsidiaries

Robert LovejoyRobert Lovejoy, has been promoted to Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Mercury Air Group and subsidiaries. His responsibilities are expanded to establish communication and technology policy along with effective cost analysis of company and divisional operations, and will be heavily involved in the decision-making and organizational processes for existing and new company-wide initiatives.

Formerly Mercury’s Director of Information Technology, Robert has spent the last five years leading the planning and implementation of technology systems to support the company’s goals and address various business challenges. During this time, Robert took every opportunity to learn the company’s different businesses in a broad but detailed fashion which he expects will be critical to his success in his new position.

In his new role, his experience and knowledge of Mercury, coupled with his outside-of-the-box problem solving form a powerful combination that the company will leverage to impact the bottom line, and provide improved profitability and survivability. He will be more intimately involved in planning business initiatives and aligning them with technology models. Robert believes that including a technical perspective while addressing business challenges will help the company streamline operations, resulting in reduced internal costs, and the company will be able to pass these savings on its customers.

“Rob has created effective and reliable IT operating systems for our companies and in his new role will also be involved directly in our growth and future businesses where IT is one of the major profit and operating assets”, said Joe Czyzyk, Chairman and CEO of Mercury, in an internal announcement earlier this month.

Robert is looking forward to this expanded leadership, and is grateful to be a part of the forward-thinking leadership team at Mercury. “Mercury continues to be a wonderful place to work, where everyone embraces teamwork and is committed to growth and a shared success for the company and its team members.”

With an inherent understanding of technologies of all kinds, Robert has been programming computers since the third grade, and spent many years in the ‘IT trenches’ repairing computers and installing network circuits for a niche-market technology company he started while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from Michigan State University. Robert comes to Mercury from a brick and mortar retail operation with over fifty stores in the Los Angeles area where he was responsible for managing IT support and development for the company and its retail operations.

Robert is also a pilot, a musician, and an avid snowboarder in his free time.

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