TAC Successfully Works with Thailand and Turkey

TAC Successfully Works with Thailand and Turkey

Thai Navy Tender

Photo of MeetingTAC Group Limited, in conjunction with its Thai partner RMI Management and the Antonov Company, have completed the technical presentation to the Royal Thai Navy for the supply of new AN-132 Maritime Patrol Aircraft in compliance with the Navy's specifications. As part of the presentation, Antonov showed a video taken at the India Air Show of the AN-132 performing a full 360 degree role.

The Thai Navy Officers stated: "We have never before seen a military transport aircraft perform a 360 degree roll!!"

Turkish Flight Academy Approves Vans Trainer Aircraft  

TAC recently completed successful test flights in Oregon of the latest Vans RV-12 and RV-14 trainer aircraft by the chief test pilot of the Turkish Flight Academy.

The President of the Turkish Flight Academy is now in discussion with TAC to finalize the order for a fleet of both aircraft types for delivery commencing Q1 2020.

The aircraft will be assembled in Turkey at a new dedicated facility near Izmir.


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